Red-billed quelea

In greener Kalahari 

Once lived pair of Quelea

His very short name was MEL

Her cute name was MELIA


When two were not near nest

Before first opening of lids

Group of Cockroachy Crickets

Attacked to couple’s kids


Rushed to save helpless babies

Left the romance on both bill

A Mark of half abandon kiss 

Sign of that love is still, still



In pant-shirt,In Lungi,In Skilt, in Changshan, In jeans T-shirt 

Living across the very wide Globe, countless i a heart donor

In Gown, In Ao-Dai, In Saari, In Lehenga, In Jeans, In skirt

Charming all across the Earth, countless you a heart phoner


A pair was in India and China, a couple is in USA and UK

With feelings They were white, With thoughts They are black

Husband-wife died as Christian, Guy-Girl born as Buddhist

With holly Heart They left, With beautiful beats They are back


Like Romeo-Juliet, Paris-Helena, Laila-Majnu and Shirin-Farhad

Stories of two, I and YOU, glorious and famous crush will carry

In touch but not touching like searching SUN and moving MOON

On Page of TIME They are still Lovers Waiting for 14th February