Latin American dance - Mexico

Ready for the Jarabe Tapatío
Beauty before the bloom boom
Calling her other part of couple
In artistic and colorful costume
Covered with traditional style
Latin lady in pair of pretty plume

traditional mexican dance performance dress

Ready for the Jarabe Tapatío
To mix elegance and eclat
On and over the beat floor
Propose full eyes looking at
Waiting for Music to move in air
Well dressed Man wearing big hat

Jarabe Tapatío

China poblana is making her
Famous fairest firefly at night
China poblana is giving her
Wings of butterfly in light
Eager pair waiting for song
To go for the CRUSHRIGHT

Dancing Latin Moon emitting
Happiness through her hip
With string instruments sound
Crush coming for courtship
To try again after failure
To put “I love you” with “.” on lip

Jarabe dance

Couple cared by cultural crafts
Making a Dawn garden in Mexico
In process of becoming darling
Out in outfits a dancing duo
Making heaven for third eyes
Bud,Boy,Beats, beauty and beau

ballet folklórico

Dance is making it very easy
Romance was an urgency and urge
Pair in The Mexican Hat Dance
Moving like a melodious merge
Holding without holding each other
Cuties toward Kissing verge


Mosca and Mili

Love is half in full heart without other
Complete part Mili and Mosca showing
Loosing beats in every melodious meeting
With silent romance they are growing
Holding in heart a title of Lover
WITH LOVE in LOVE they are going

Giovanna Grigio

Unknown targets, targeted by feelings
Mili with Mosca like Me found My
Keeping Love on the verge of tounge
Allowing Closness to search like a spy
Heartbeats are playing Football with hearts
Trying to hit heartpost but it’s a tie

Mili e Mosca

Two victim with same old symptoms
Lovers are timeless as couple exist
Among after pairs of name added
Another cute example in the long list
Mili and Mosca in dim light of love
Like sun and moon both in the mist

Mosca e Mili

Affected by their internal attraction
Via vibrating bodies with old disease
In fresh garden of morning flowerss
Flying together bees in the breeze
Mili and Mosca in phase of crush
Wanting and waiting for strong tweeze

Mili with Mosca

Spending time in presence of pleasure
Through series of smile HELLOING always
What they want to talk and express
Soundlessly sending in each gaze
Mili and Mosca filling the feeling in time
They are living two lives every days


Craking boundary of crush and syness
Making a promise in front of sea
Creating an atomsphere of Romance
Receiving the sense of me from we
Mili e Mosca locking the love
Mili e Mosca living with two heart’s key