isha sharvani


Soft touch of fresh new rays of time
Her teen Bud body is now blooming
Like daffodils as a gift given by clime
Like Words in poet’s mind Grooming
Her moves her charm her default dance
Saw fairness on both cheek walking
It’s worth watching, credit goes to luck
Upgraded youthfulness enjoyed by chance
saw color of dawn on forehed knocking
I saw that act,Where my eyes stuck

Simplicity is an unknown angle of beauty
She is appearing like makeupless moon
Like a lotus of lake with cute eyelid sooty
Superb talent of nature, it’s her earned boon
Difficult to select the comparable words
To put that design into stanza verse or ode
To write a poem for the Best petal of rose
Flying in my mind as colorful cute birds
Thoughts are very busy at his current abode
Trying very hard something to compose

Climate air water did their job with perfection
She is coming out from her shell, a fair pearl
There is a affection in eye’s view direction
Radiation of glamour she is like a chamactive girl
Architect, artist God is a perfect painter
Amazing Brush of time he applied slowly
Nature’s decoration is dedicated to her free
Taking her shape growing beauty container
Forcing to write about her wealth, wholly
Illumination of x rays of charm is here to help me