Orchard Again

Under Cloudy weather with no chance of rain,

I went to the orchard again,

To pick apples from the trees,

As first gift of fresh autumn breeze,

It’s here and there hanging red ball,

I Witnessed Best fruit of the fall

Today I carried paper and pen,

I went to the orchard again,

To write some new verse,

And force wife to bring phone from her purse,

To capture helpless trees found during a farm trip,

Loaded with fruits bending like an old man hip 

We heard “An Apple a day keeps the Dr away”,

So I spent my time with countless today,

Eating, walking and taking picture with better half,

Climbed on branch Baugh to get a feel of giraffe,

Enjoyed seating over grass in fruity lane,

I went to the orchard again


A day filled water droplets, rainbow and mist

A place Where USA and Canada closely co exist

Started the morning the day filled with hum of water

Today I saw stones getting massage from Falls’ fist 

Niagara Falls, a gift to human from Seven Lake

A place to visit during the sunny summer break

Very lovely tour destination

A Junction for countless photos to take 

While doing YOGA over Rock Got peace of mind

In American summer month a Natural cooler I find

Niagara Falls, an American summer beauty 

Received pleasure from early morning wind