2 in 2020

spring 2020

Green leaves, fresh twigs and soft breeze Spring did, what it does

Brought Pink-white to help feel more like Boyfriend-Girlfriend kind of 

Gave a chance to spend time with Buds’  bloom and bees’ buzz

While trying to avoid virus in year of fear, was Locked with Love

Badminton under maple shade, walk on silent street and indoor run

Bright, warm and very angry summer introduced the game in life

During the time with Long lighted Day, together we had maximum fun

Enjoyed this Year with her more like Friends less like husband and wife

Lovely clouds, Colorful Rainbows and PAKODA made of homegrown Co

In season of Dearness sweetly served by her, this food was main in rain

Now it’s winter I am like a tall pine and her presence is falling snow 

Getting ready together with hope for more happiness for a new year again

Well supported by online pals and offline Buddies 2020 will be remembered

Forced to think re-think and change the style, this year will be remembered 


Her Beauty is silent SIRI assist him without any voice or tone

He follows, He watches, He Likes, that Live Living Instagram

Complete for crush with gesture as adorable as Iphone

Activating Instant messaging service on his heart like Telegram


Gorgeous grin is Google+ inquiring “What’s new with You?” combined

Smart love is “Linkedin”, from “MY NETWORK” doing kowtow

Feminine smile is FACEBOOK, asking “What’s on your mind” 

Male Heart is twitter tweeting about “What’s happening?” now


He is saving her image in his mind like pins on Board of pinterest

That familiar fairness is FLICKR taking romance in it’s shed

His talk is BLOGGER writing on air for interest with interest

Whatapp in wink and two blue ticks on eyelid she is telling she read


She is looking back as QUORA and adding the question on the way

His love is WIKIPEDIA getting updated day by day