Almond fruit - almond shaker

On tender cloth of seed a paint of dusk
A very slow opening wide showing drupe
It’s golden grain in almond mouth of husk

In fruitful shade of tree farmer with troupe
A Shaker is ready for farmer’s harvest strut
For Techno land great thing in golden group

A timely wrench unscrewed mature all nut
A baby Over cradle hull like earl
It seems a kid coming out from hut

It is nice like a ship brought a new pearl
A very fairish is watching from split
In greenish veil came out a golden girl

God of Terza Rima

dante alighieri

God of Terza Rima verse
Lived once with the time
In Italian season of curse

Driven by romantic rhyme
Became poet via words’ sect
And pages enjoyed pen’s chimes

Came out as a poetic effect
Lived in exile and in pain
Father of the Italian dialect

Kept away from home in chain
Stripped much of his identity
Dante’s life was unfair and unfain