Girl dancing in farm

From ink of my pen come down
If my love call then come down
Went away from me and my life
At least on page again come down
Open secret of closed memory
From den to new den come down
Bring multi Colors with YOU
In black words when come down
For Untimely valentine any day
“SAN” is saying amen come down


Richa Panai

Keeping something in it like a Cute couplet
Her two delighted petals, my mute couplet
A very pretty dose for my both silent eyes
Singing about the charm that acute couplet
Gingerly Melting moonlight over those edges
Washed by time very soon, that dilute couplet
Magnetic moon dragging me toward herself
But,with a kiss, i don’t want to pollute couplet
Now I am dedicating this creation to her only
From sight of “SAN” coming en route couplet