Cloud Is Dancing

Bangalore-rainfall - cloud over Bangalore

cloud is dancing over Bangalore city
its so pretty
spring is also here
like a groom
this is the perfect time
for flowers to bloom

cloud is dancing over Bangalore city
but not a single drop of rain
may be they will come again
right now there are here
to meet the king spring
this is the best thing
i have ever seen
on my  eye’s screen

flower is blowing the
natural perfume
i am watching this
because i am outside the house
not inside the room

Cloud committee

cloud - badal
Its awesome,
i want to say it loud,
weather is so good.
look like so many ACs are hanging through cloud,
making the summer pleasant 
its day but sun is not present
cloud is holding the umbrella,
over the over the head of city,
while the meeting is going on of cloud committee,
now it is converted into drizzling evening,
Thunder is making it a sizzling evening,
That’s the nature’s way to say good evening,
rain is singing,
and water is sleeping on the way,
there are about to hide inside the clay,
That’s the story of the day.