Girl dancing in farm

From ink of my pen come down
If my love call then come down
Went away from me and my life
At least on page again come down
Open secret of closed memory
From den to new den come down
Bring multi Colors with YOU
In black words when come down
For Untimely valentine any day
“SAN” is saying amen come down



Thought,feelings,tears and smile ….detail of love
Merged in two lives appeared again in tale of love
Two heart was on vibration with joy and happiness
When eyes and words sent,the best email of love
Both spread the their arms to welcome their dear
And Romance came out for them from veil of love
They hugged,hold their hands and moved forward
Towards endless and long journey on trail of love
They wrote their name as lover on lips of each other
For world,It was their last message and mail of love
Words of “SAN” don’t know how and where are there
But Words knows,even you have a true tale of love

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