kajal agarwal-Telugu movie

Shadow of past love chasing me
My owned thoughts Tracing me
Running time between both us
Emotions for you now erasing me
We are on parallel line of LOVE
Your farewell face is not facing me
Due to Sadness and Separation
My romance is now replacing me
I am a lonley lost of lovely time
Poem of “SAN” embracing me


Nina Dorbev smile

I saw Current Of Smile crossing her lips
Internal beauty delicately tossing her lips
elegancy making it easy to put in poetry
Very gentle spring touch glossing her lips
Pause and Resume button over top layer
Beauty on a unseen boat bossing her lips
No need of lipstick, No need of makeup
God Gifted Light color saucing her lips
Pen is now in last couplet of “GHAZAL”
But words of “SAN” not lossing her lips