Life Science

Life Science

Food for small and big tree
In the form of sun’s light
100% pure and 100% free

Sun whole day moon at night
Supplying to our earth
That bright and deem light

An infinite blue girth
That unmeasured sky
A visible blanket over earth

Yes,i am talking about rich sky
The souce of heat and rain
Beyond the sight of our EYE



Flight of Lesser Sandhill Cranes Is Airborne o...

Flight of Lesser Sandhill Cranes Is Airborne over the Lillian Annette Rowe Bird Sanctuary at Grand Island, Nebraska, in Early Morning…03/1975 (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

We all heared the meaningless words
with the arrival of the golden dawn
coming from singing team of birds

earth is lighted by sun and Life is on
In the morning birds are leaving the nest
some has started flying some are far gone

Don’t know they are going east or west
but surely going in search of joy and food
Group flying in sky like they are the best

couples are lost in each other like dear and dude
In the blue sky They are having fun
Now All are landing on earth in happy mood

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