amy jackson in sari pink


Slowly Slowly moving toward my couplets
In Sari,saw and found tune for shy couplets
Like pink Blooming Lotus over heart of pond
She in Sari an Adorable lady for guy couplets
Walking soft waves in black color path of us
Talking to each other these nigh couplets
Cover of pink wine over body of golden beer
Treat of spherical eyes is treatment for my couplets
Her style of draping i am wrapping over words
Writing Finest page for book of beauty by couplets
Helping me in production of very pretty poem 
Keyboard of “SAN” used,these are thy couplets


Richa-gangopadhyay-in pink saree
After doing romance research
i love you so much
my heart is going towards you
please give it a lovely touch
believe me whatever
i am saying is total SACH(true)