Growing Gods and Goddess

radhemaa-asaram babu-Indian fake Gods and Goddess

Gods and Goddess are Growing
Like ants, grasshopers and rabbits
Its look funny and foolish
Indian under very bad habits

Country of Cuckoo

Indian flag-Tiranga jhanda


Pink Lotus rises in pond after daily make up,
Where on song of Cuck-coo spring wake up,
Night jasmine uses misty moonlight chances,
Where on music of monsoon peacock dances

Where tune of bells of Hindu and Christian temples,
Mixes with prayer music of Gurudwara and mosque,
Where Buddhism flower first blossomed
Under the sacred fig tree

Tall Himalayan is on duty as a cop,
Where river feed the farmer’s crop,
Bring fish food India’s feet washing sea,
Where mountains nourish leaves of tea

Aryan, Mughals, British many came
Aryawarta, Bharat,Hindustan is India’s old name,
Freedom from slavery we celebrate this day,
15th august is not India’s birthday