She wants full feelings kidnapped in words

She wants whole of love wrapped in words

I am unconscious in nice net of her beauty

She is looking for my love trapped in words

Starting with the “I” and ending on “YOU” 

She wants Picture of pair snapped in words

Singer of love playing with beautiful beats

But she wants romance rapped in words

“SAN”, she will not read two READ EYES

She wants whole of love wrapped in words

Infective Crush


Really Real Romance as a collective crush

Coming to me as an effort of effective Crush

By the awesome atmosphere of closeness

Humming hearts called by connective crush

Wishing both of us Happy “I LOVE YOU”

Love is making a wave for selective crush

Polishing the pretty path with togetherness

We are now out of danger of defective crush

Lovers keeping on the edge of mute lips 

Best thing for “SAN” poetry, infective crush