(Can jihadist help or only kill )

Brother terrorist, can you define your fight ?
Murdering without knowing wrong or right,
You keep on saying,it is a message for rest,
What ! ? all time by brutally killing the guest
Have you all ever sent any good message ?
By helping helpless, as a best good presage
Holding heavy gun,you have a strong wrist
Many People are in danger, can you assist
Brother terrorist,you are giving life for killing
Have you ever tried to donate soul for saving
Disaster in KASHMIR,your owner is not waving
Natural disaster,test of cause of your fight
Failed again,your journey is not right
Was Fighting for people ?where are you now ?
Other are doing their job, can you say WOW ?
No need to understand,you are extremely odd
You are doing everything for LOCAL GOD



Roaming with Poisonous life
Humanity is stolen by somebody
Don’t know why he sold himself
But he can’t, He can’t ask to self
Now he is fully ready to kill and die
On the name of region and religion
and countless and countless other lie

Roaming with Poisonous life
Walking talking but he is no more
His commander has gifted him gun
Now he is a slave of that whore
Somebody taught him to fight
For the region and religion
To use him wherever he want
By sending as a dangerous pigeon