young man walking on field

page of life is turning
year by year
Little bit i din’t understand
Little bit i am learning (life)
year by year
Nothing much
But experience i am earning
year by year

I find many people
While walking on the on the life’s way
Sometime in the night
Sometime in the day
Some remains as friend
Some went away
Some were so simple
and some are still light in my life
Like a ray
I have seen this
year by year

Living life is an art
difficult to take decision
Who should be allowed
To be in heart
U am learning this
year by year

Win’s kin

let the dream begin,
Let the life go for win,
path of life is difficult ,
It is full of race,
and each moment you gonna face.
live it and don’t worry about loss and win,
Since these are the twin,
you can win ,
Only if you have courage under your skin
life is full of turn and spin,
and path to the victory is very thin,
you should be careful to catch the win,
And for that you should have internal power within,
otherwise loss will come on your way as WIN’S KIN