Anushka shetty


Golden soul of clothes she is a Golden Heart of poet’s ghazal
Face generating words she is more than a Part of poet’s ghazal
Petalic place of poetic source portrait work of naughty camera
she is beautiful begining she is sweetest Start of poet’s ghazal
Wearing the God given charm carrying elegance with garments
Rippling roses striking the thoughts she is Art of poet’s ghazal
Driving pen to move on white paper road smoothly and soflty
Each Couplet is celebrating dragging black Cart of poet’s ghazal
Bewteen two lips mysterious valley of smile appers time to time
“SAN” is poet she is Undying Hologram in mart of poet’s ghazal


Richa Panai Cute Half Saree Pictures


Well dressed moon of 14th night,
Entering easily in eyes with Shine-o-Sight 
Feather less butterfly In Indian attire 
Resting on her rose-e-face Lovely Light
Reference for -o- and -e- below :