In India Pakistan Urdu Shayari is very popular
even i use to write Shayari(Poetry in Urdu).
To improve my Urdu vocabulary sometime
i read shayari(poetry) and watch video of well known
Indian Pakistani Poet like Ahmad Faraz,Gulzar,
Jan Nisar Akhtar… and one thing i like the most
about it is style of saying thank you in between
reading poetry.

Here i wrote a poem about style of saying thank you
used in Urdu poetry.

Note : -e- = of, -o- = and



Parveen Shakir

Style-e-Thanks Urdu Poetry’s best part
Way of receiving appreciation is an art
Act-o-manner is simple yet amazing
The hand who wrote poems is raising

God Penned

Eid Mubarak


Over paper of sky in bright word God penned
Eid Mubarak to all my Real Muslim friend
Now Dawn is opening golden door of joys
For old,young,men,women,girls and boys
Passing messages of peace to elders with soft bids
In the morning streets saw happy faces of kids