happy lover

On the Route of Romance feelings will back you
With signal of heartbeats someone will track you
It’s a very romantic valentine time around us all
Keep your pure heart open LOVE will attack you

Heart on operation

From 7th feb to 14 feb my heart is on operation,
for love initialization,
on 7th i will take you in the garden of flower,
To make you happy during that romantic hour,
inclining the branch of rose,
i will keep that close,
to your nose,
for your to smell,
I am sure,after that you will tell,
“take me into your heart’s cell” this will be the ROSE SPELL

on the purpose day ,
you must be knowing what a lover can say ,
the magical sentence
which works as the love spray

on the chocolate day,
i will bring what you want without any delay,
10TH is will not bring teddy,  because i am with you already

on 11th one promise,
I will make,
That your heart i will not break

on next day after a sweet kiss,
I will declare you as my official miss,
on 13 i am sure you will give a hug,
On that day i will understand the meaning of smug

14 th feb is valentine day,
And i will ask you,
To keep me in your heart ,
Don’t let me go away