I am an Indian Hindu
I have respect for Muslim and Islam
But i hate them who are using these name
For misusing the power and using the bomb
I love their culture, Shayari, Ghazal and Rubai
Have you heard,their prayer cool and calm
But hate False Islamist , those terrorist
I can’t see ,worldwide afraid mom
I am an Indian Hindu
I have respect for Muslim and Islam

||Sorry If it is against any Religious thought ||

20 responses to “YES ISLAM NO BOMB”

  1. Great expressions.These fanatics are aiming to destroy Islam .They are the army of Satan.,yet they commit hideous crimes in the name of Allah and Islam..Jalal

  2. Well put; I try not to blog about this but sometimes it’s hard to stay silent when living in a nation whose government wants nothing more than to instill fear of all Muslims in every single citizen. I hope to befriend Muslims in Malaysia and learn the psoitive aspects of Islam.

    • There is no problem with Islam and Muslim
      problem is due to those terrorist using the Islam and those fools who are supporting it on the basis of religion

      Thanks for comment

  3. Living in Kazan, Russia I’m learning this as well. My boss is Muslim – he’s a wonderful person. When he told me about an experience about being very nervous on one of his trips I realized that they can fear Christians as much as we can fear them. We may be of different religions but we all are still human. He shared his love for God and I could do nothing but respect him. We all serve God when we love and respect one another. Thanks for the poem, wonderful.

    • First of all thank you for comment,I don’t know much about Koran,but i feel we should ask to self… is is right? And i think our soul will come up with right answer. I have Muslim friends they are peaceful. As a human we all have right not to go against humanity …even if going against Religion is only way left.

  4. It’s too bad that you felt the need to apologize in case someone felt your words offended their faith. I think love and peace are at the core of every religion, and if the faithful are true to their own religion, it follows that respect for others would be part of it. I know it doesn’t always work out that way, but it makes sense to me. Thanks for bravely sharing your perspective.

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